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How to link the domain to hosting, and make the settings correctly

 If you have purchased or  intend to acquire a domain name for your website. From company  “X”  , while I purchased hosting from company  “Y”.  It is necessary to link the domain to the hosting service so that your site can be run for users.    

This article is perfect for you and will answer all the questions you have in mind, so that the linking is done correctly and your site is ready to work.

How to link the domain to hosting, and make the settings correctly

 Article contents: 

1- List the domain in the list of domains in the hosting service control panel. common questions

 The importance of linking the domain to hosting 

Certainly, the domain link is a directing platform that carries with it many files, information, and different content for your site. Hosting your website without linking it to a domain, it is not possible to access its content quickly and securely.
For this reason, linking the domain to your hosting service is an essential step to ensuring that users can quickly and securely access your site hosted on a hosting company.

 Note  : It is certain that you will not have the need to take steps to link the domain to the hosting if the domain and hosting are located on the same service provider, and we will explain that in this article. However, if the domain is from a different hosting company, it is important to point the domain to the server.

Steps to link the website's domain to the hosting service

Let's assume that you purchased the hosting service from Namecheap, while you purchased the domain name from Hostinger. You will connect the two services as follows.

Add the domain to the list of domains within the hosting control panel.

The first step to adding the domain to the list of domains in your Namecheap hosting account in this scenario requires entering your Cpanel. You can access Cpanel using the credentials you obtained when registering as shown in the following figure:

 Or  you can access your account with the hosting company "Nameship" and then search for the products page located under the heading "Products".  product list   ” and then click on “   Hosting   ”

When you click on the hosting option, your hosting information will appear, and next to it you will find a button to go to the control panel.  “Go to Cpanel”  Click on it to be directed to the hosting service’s control panel.

After logging in directly to the hosting service control panel, you will see an option in the control panel menu called  “Addon domains.”  Click on domains or domains.

You will be able to open a page to add or link a domain with your hosting service, and this page will be as follows:

  •  New Domain Name  : This is the link or domain that you want to link to the hosting service
  •  Subdomain:  If you have a subdomain of the main domain, such as:, and you want to link it to the hosting service, then this box.
  •  Document Root:  If you want to link the domain to an internal path or folder in your hosting, for example, such as, this means that the domain will be directed to the blog folder within your site. If you want to associate it with the main path within the file manager, you can leave it blank.
  •  FTP Account:  This field helps you create an FTP account that allows you to connect to the hosting file manager using these files.

Adding the hosting company's domain servers to the domain manager account.

As you can see, this is a reciprocal process. We logged into our account with the hosting company Namecheap and added our domain there. Now we do the opposite, that is, we add the hosting data called name servers to our domain account, in this case Hostinger.

 The first step  is to obtain information about domain hosting servers, also known as name servers.

There are multiple ways through which you can obtain name server data, the easiest of which is through the email that you received from the hosting company after purchasing the hosting service directly from them. In this email, you will find the name server data sent to you as follows:

From what we see, this is the nameserver information we need to add to our domain account, and it goes like this:

  •  The first is Nameserver 1   and its value is:
  •  The second: Nameserver 2   and its value:

If you do not receive an email containing NameServers data, you can easily find the NameServers of the hosting company you are dealing with. It is fixed information and you can obtain it by searching on the Internet, where you can enter the Google search engine and write “list of name servers for the hosting company” while replacing “hosting company” with the company you are dealing with. You can also contact the hosting company's technical support team and request name server data from them.

 Step Two:  Enter the name server information into your account as your domain manager at the domain company Hostinger.

You must first log into your account with the domain company from which you purchased the domain, and search for the list called “Domain List” until your domain information appears.,   for example, next to the manage button:

Click the “Manage” button to go to the page for managing your domain information and data. On this page, look for the option to edit your DNS or nameserver similar to the one shown in the following image.

  1. Click on DNS / Nameservers
  2. Click on Change nameservers
  3. Enter the DNS information that we previously explained how to obtain.

After entering the data in the same manner mentioned previously, you must click “  Save   ”.

If the website's domain and hosting service exist in the form of the same service provider (the hosting company).

If the domain and hosting are available from the same company, for example if you purchased the domain and hosting from Namecheap, you do not need to follow the steps that we explained previously, but just make sure that the value of the server names indicates the name of the hosting company, and in this case the value for Namecheap web host will appear. DNS, which is Namecheap's own value.

 common questions 

How long does it take for the domain to connect to the hosting service?
After performing the process of linking the domain to the hosting as we explained above, it often takes about an hour or a few hours, and it may take up to 24 hours to ensure that the domain is linked 100% correctly. In this case, the domain name will point exactly to the content of your hosted site.

How can I make sure the linking process worked correctly?
After you carry out the linking process as we explained previously, open the command window on your computer by clicking on the “Start” button and typing CMD.

When you use the computer, you will see the dark screen dedicated to the command box appear. Type the command “Nslookup” in it and then press the “Enter” button.

After that, also type the following command: set type=ns, making sure that the spaces are exactly as they are written. Then press the enter button again. Next, type your domain name and press enter.

When you observe the image after performing the procedures, it will show you the names of the name servers if the domain is correctly linked to the hosting service.

Is it necessary to purchase an SSL certificate for your domain?
It is essential that your site has the famous SSL certificate, as it guarantees visitors the security and confidentiality of their connection to the site, and this helps enhance its security. You can visit the link for more information. A detailed  guide   to the SSL certificate   and its benefits for your website.

How can I get a .com domain? Lowest price possible?
You can get a domain and a .com domain for the lowest possible price of only one dollar, and this is done through a specific company.  Ionos  United Internet provides global domain services.

We hope in the end that the complete and comprehensive explanation of how to link the domain to the hosting service is correct. If you have any additional questions or queries, feel free to write them in the comment box below. We also advise you to make sure that the linking process was done correctly according to the previous explanation, and if the linking process is delayed for more than 24 hours, you can contact the technical support of the hosting company to ensure that there is no problem linking the domain to the hosting.

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